Who says Startup & Small Entrepreneurs cannot take the thunder out of Big Corporations!

Big corporations are successful just because they invested to ‘fail-safe’ themselves.

When it comes to marketing, the first thing they do is carry out an extensive consumer research. Even before taking a decision on product development. The survey helps them understand consumers deep desire. So that they can create an irresistible offering, which would be purposeful, and emotionally gratifying, as well.

They always based their decision on a collective call based on research findings. The most interesting and unique thing they do is try to get into consumers heart. That’s what Branding & Brand Management all about. The products, now-a-days have also started evolving out of the Branding idea, too.

Yes! Branding can be so powerful, which can make the BIG DIFFERENCE between a local player and the biggies.

Once things are set on Branding, the corporation sets on to assign their communication mandate to professional houses who understand this softer side of marketing better, i.e. Advertising agency.

Such agencies give the necessary meaning & image to the central Brand thought to for the desired emotional outcome that eventually leads to product movement in the market.

Branding is the Core of modern day marketing, which growing and small business need to perfect in their own area of Marketing to have the right grip on customer satisfaction.

Advertising Agencies are master in Brand Building, as they come back with a certain set of consumer understanding that enables all the followings:

  • Positioning
  • Brand, Logo & Identity creation
  • Develop communication strategy to connect with the audience both emotionally & rationally
  • Develop Creative Expression to cut through the prospective customers


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The Research process that started behind the product development, to the Final Creative stage and beyond is called BRANDING!

For those who are uninitiated in to Brand Management, Branding is much more than merely putting up artistic and appealing visuals.

More interestingly, BRANDING is a stand-alone approach to unify all your offerings through communications and engagement, with customers in the backdrop, therefore DOES NOT REQUIRE time and money to enroll in an MBA course.


Anyone who want to know the art & science that goes being branding

“When going get tough the tough get going”

Millions of times you have heard to leave your dream and start life afresh.

Millions of times you might have thought of it, also…!

If you haven’t given up so far, please consider giving it up.

TIMES HAVE CHANGED, investors are difficult to get by, and the 18-24 months of struggle are really not worth the gains.

OR is it?

For the first time, BRAND MARKETING EXPERTS are coming out of the MBA classrooms to handhold the visionaries to impart training in gaining Customer Acquisition, Identity Development & Investment Marketing.

ALL-BIG BUSINESSES  ARE EVALUATED ON BRAND EQUITY when they sell off,  neither on the proprietary technology nor on the secret recipe they possess.

If you haven’t considered BRAND MARKETING as the only viable option, so far, it’s time you OPEN UP THE VISTA.

This workshop is designed just for you, who think Brand Management & Brand Marketing may be good but not essential. This course will help you change the idea.

For those who are not from MBA colleges, yet have the urge to capitalize on it, don’t wait too late, until there’s no time left. Branding shows effect gradually, so it’s always clever to start today.

If you want to take the thunder out, here’s the start…!

Enroll for this BRANDING course, today and gain success earlier.

What makes a good design tick?

Is it the Color? Patterns? or the overall Aesthetics?

NONE! Business doesn’t tick just because of great design.

What’s in there that makes certain kinds of ‘Branding-Design’ stand out?

The answer lies in the way they approach Designing Principles for business success.

It’s called the BRAND BUILDING. For Designers, it’s somewhere close to Design Thinking.

Enhance your role in your organization and get to DESIGN THAT ACHIEVES objectives, by attending this brief but customized Branding course.

Open your eyes to the Business needs and consult with your organization around design with a renewed vision.


Arm yourself with the new arsenal to capitalize market and generate growth.

Every new tool has a lifespan! NO DOUBT you are the master of identifying and harnessing for Growth Hacking.

Here’s another one!

But with a lot of difference.

FIRSTLY, it is not a tool!

SECONDLY. It is not automatic. It requires your mental effort!

THIRDLY, it’s no software.

FOURTHLY, you can use it in your unique way to advantage.

And LASTLY, it has the power to integrate all your Growth Hacking efforts.


You get that purpose and reason to be stronger in Growth Hacking tactics. Such that you don’t always come across brute, but rather you develop Growth Marketing programs that Consumers love to listen and love.

Start with this Branding course to open up your new success stories.

As a small entrepreneur, you always Thought Big.

Thinking big helped you build a small empire of your own where you have the powers…!

What if, you get know the secrets of  Big Businesses that make them even bigger.

What if, you could outsmart the big guys who are throwing a challenge at you.

What makes them connect to the audience and market so well?

What makes their product and offering move so fast?

How do they handle consumer satisfaction?

Why do they get the smartest and hardworking people to work for them? Is money the sole determining factor?

How do they enter new markets sitting out of the corporate headquarters in Gurgaon or California?

If any of these make you feel would empower you to grow your business here’s the right course, customized for you.:  BRANDING.

Get in touch to know more about the workshop, asap

If you are spending more time in the dorm than frolicking with your friends, hear something that you should not miss out on…!

You are likely, either a GEEK or a PASSIONATE guy (or gal) growing up with a dream to make a difference. A difference for the world around, and also for you.

We need geeks and passionate people who do things for the love of doing, or just for helping mankind evolve.

However, the world is a lot different from you Hostel. They don’t understand you. They don’t have time for you.

For those who are ready to listen to you, may not, essentially, be that pragmatically insightful to set you up for something.

Something, that you so much believe in, is very dear for you and you know for certain that is going to set a revolution, yet so difficult to convince, even to your near and dear ones. As they are often so caught up in the mundane

Here’s a help!

BRAND BUILDING alongside your CONCEPT TESTING can make it for all the difference, by the time you are out of college.

You will not only know how to build the offering by the end of the college but also have the resource to approach the market precisely what it is looking for.


“Offering designed with the Market Need in perspective is the first step in Brand building..”



Better listen & develop for those who do. As they need you and are going to value what for you do and say.

Get this edge to connect with those who listen by systematically approaching to your product offering, through this BRANDING course.

Inpregnate your startup vision with success formula from the start.

Take Out From The Course

  • Why is Branding essential in Digital era?
  • How can Branding upgrade a professional?
  • What is Branding & What isn’t?
  •  Is Branding important for your Business/Profession?
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Value & Purpose
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Equity
  • Brand Personality
  • Segmentation
  • Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Brand Marketing
  • Brand Association
  • Consumer Research
  • Media Planning
  • Channel Mix Decision
  • Creating Value Proposition
  • Developing Brand Name
  • Devising Look & Feel
  • Creating the Style Book
  • Brand Promise
  • Case Study -1
  • Case Study – 2
  • Case Study – 3

About The Trainer

Trainers for this Branding course come with an extensive background of teaching at Universities, along with a strong background of Real-world Brand Building Expertise. They have built brands of National repute from
FMCG, OTT-services, eComm, Automobiles, Beverages, Retail, Banking, Lifestyle among others.

Their expertise lies in both online & offline branding building space through. Often using the traditional channels and exploring though Digital & Social. The core brand trainer has MICA background, as well.

The combination of using Creative, Strategic, Tech & Data competences of the trainers is unique to the course so that it leaves a unique understanding of Branding.

About The Workshop

Duration: 15 Hrs 

Timing: Weekends (Sat & Sun) 10:00 AM To 5:00 PM