Laravel is a most popular PHP framework. It helps developers to produce a comprehensive web application extremely agile. The best part is that it promote web developers to follow a robust practice of the programming. Laravel miles most of the basic task like routing, authentication, sessions, cache, ORM, etc very easy.

We at institute offer the Laravel framework training program for individuals and corporate.  Prerequisite knowledge of PHP and web designing is needed to learn Laravel. framework. This is an intensive training program, we cover in-depth concepts of the Laravel framework. We help students in their projects and make students understand the advanced concepts of the PHP framework. Students who are looking to build their career in web development can join this course and get through knowledge of the subject, which will help theme to work on any kind of project.


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Course Features


45 hours of theory + practicals. Weekdays 1.5 hours and Weekend 2.5 hours.

Real-Time Projects

Live website development with authentication, security, optimization and all features.


Regular assignment and test to check your knowledge.


We provide support to help you even after the course is completed.

Placement Assistance

We are associated with companies for the placements.


After successful completion of the Laravel PHP framework course, you'll get a certificate.

Flexible Timing

A student can opt for any time. Our class timing is very flexible

Lab Facility

Every student will get a laptop for practice. A student can practice even after the class is over.

Study Material

Study material in form of PDF and examples will be provided to the student.

Laravel framework Course Curriculum

Introduction to Laravel Framework

  • Installing Laravel
  • Composer
  • Installing Database
  • Configuration
  • Directory Structure of Laravel project
  • Request Lifecycle


  • The Default Route Files
  • Router Methods
  • CSRF Protection
  • Route Parameters
  • Regular Expression Constraints
  • Named Routes
  • Middleware
  • Route Model Binding


  • Defining Middleware
  • Registering Middleware
  • Middleware Parameters
  • Terminable Middleware

CSRF Protection

  • Introduction
  • Excluding URIs From CSRF Protection


  • Defining Controllers
  • Controllers & Namespaces
  • Single Action Controllers
  • Controller Middleware
  • Resource Controllers
  • Dependency Injection & Controllers
  • Route Caching

HTTP Requests

  • Accessing The Request
  • Request Path & Method
  • PSR-7 Requests
  • Retrieving Input
  • Cookies
  • Files

HTTP Responses

  • Creating Responses
  • Redirects
  • Other Response Types
  • Response Macros


  • Creating Views
  • Passing Data To Views
  • View Composers

HTTP Session

  • Configuration
  • Using The Session (Retrieving, Storing, Flash, Deleting)
  • Adding Custom Session Drivers


  • Validation features
  • Form Request Validation
  • Manually Creating Validators
  • Working With Error Messages
  • Available Validation Rules

Blade Templates

  • Template Inheritance
  • Components & Slots
  • Displaying Data
  • Control Structures
  • Including Sub-Views
  • Stacks
  • Service Injection
  • Extending Blade

Frontend Scaffolding

  • Writing CSS
  • Writing JavaScript
  • Writing Vue Components


  • Introduction
  • Manually Authenticating Users
  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Adding Custom Guards
  • Adding Custom User Providers
  • Events
  • API Authentication (Passport)
  • Authorization
  • Encryption
  • Hashing
  • Resetting Passwords

General Topics

  • Artisan Console
  • Broadcasting
  • Cache
  • Collections
  • Errors & Logging
  • Events
  • File Storage
  • Helpers
  • Mail
  • Notifications
  • Packages
  • Queues
  • Scheduled Tasks


  • Query Builder
  • Pagination
  • Migrations
  • Seeding
  • Redis

Eloquent ORM

  • Getting Started
  • Relationships
  • Collections
  • Mutators
  • Serialization

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