Digital Marketing Course Description

Join our institute for Digital Marketing training in Whitefield Bangalore. Digital marketing is a new way of marketing that makes use of electronic devices (computers) such as personal computers, smartphones, cellphones and tablets to engage with customers. Digital marketing applies technologies or platforms such as websites, e-mail, tools and social networks. Social Media Marketing is an integrated part of digital marketing. Digital marketing is often referred as online marketing or internet marketing. Our Digital marketing course is flexible to meet the demands of freshers and working professionals.Jupiter Vidya is the best provider of Digital Marketing training in Whitefield Bangalore.


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Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • Reduced cost: Your business can develop its online marketing strategy for very little cost and can conceivably replace costly advertising channels such as Newspaper, television, radio and magazine.
  • Brand Development: A well structured and maintained a website with quality content targeting the requirements of your target audience can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities. You can use social media and email marketing for not only for brand development but also get direct business.
  • Potential to reach mass amounts of people in less time. Just one message can be sent to any number of people.
  • Real time results: you don’t have to wait for weeks to boost your business.

So the important point is that “The organization will get business and a brand name immediately”.

At Jupiter Vidya, we cover from the basics such as a good page structure, keyword choices, and metadata, right up to the most advanced techniques such as designing search engine friendly architecture, content management issues, and some of the tips & tricks. We provide our students complete and thorough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, which is essential for the success of online business.

Digital Marketing course Curriculum

Introduction to SEO

  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • Types of Search Engine Optimization
  • Why you need Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Basics

  • Major Search Engines and Directories
  • How Search Engine Works
  • What is Page rank?
  • Website Architecture
  • What is Domain name?
  • What is Hosting?
  • Dealing with Crawlers

Keyword Research and Analysis

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Finding appropriate Keywords
  • Keywords Planner
  • High and low Competition keywords
  • Others tools for keyword

On Page Optimization

  • How to write title of a Page
  • Why is Description important?
  • Where and how to use Keywords
  • Optimize Anchor Tag
  • Image optimization
  • Header / Footer
  • Importance of Headings
  • Creating Robots File
  • Creating Sitemaps
  • Content Optimization
  • URL Renaming
  • HTML and CSS Validation
  • Canonical error Implementation
  • Keyword Density
  • Use of synonyms
  • How to use Spinner for creating Optimized Content.

Off Page Optimization

  • What is Directory and how to submit a website to different directories?
  • Why Blogs are best for SEO and how to write an effective blog?
  • How to write and submit Articles to different websites?
  • Video Submissions
  • How to use Classifieds for creating back links and getting business.
  • How to use Forums
  • Link Building
  • Business Listing to top page rank websites
  • Adding Google Map
  • Backlinks from Guest Postings
  • Using Social media for getting backlinks and traffic
  • Different bookmarking websites
  • Different source for getting backlinks

Local SEO

  • What is Local Search Marketing?
  • Business Listings
  • Setting Up Local Business Listings
  • Claiming Your Local Business Listings
  • Local Citations
  • Duplicate Business Listings
  • Business Reviews and Ratings
  • How to Reply to reviews
  • What is Google Pigeon update?

Social media and Link Building

  • Using Google+ for back links and visitors
  • Creating Facebook business page
  • Using StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious
  • YouTube & Vimeo for SEO
  • Brand impressions and offers using social media
  • How to get Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscriber, Google+ followers and much more

Competitor Analysis

  • Competitor pages rank analysis
  • Competitor keyword analysis
  • Competitor backlinks analysis
  • Competing Content Comparison

Website Analysis Tools

  • Search Engine Submission
  • Google Webmaster Tools for complete website analysis
  • Google analytic tool to generate detailed statistics about a website’s
    traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.
  • Bing Webmaster tool for analysis
  • Check for broken links

SEO for CMS based Websites

  • Different Plugins for SEO in WordPress
  • Image optimization using plugin
  • Creation of sitemap and robots.txt using Plugins
  • Integrating Google Analytics and Google Webmaster on WordPress website
  • Social sharing plugin in WordPress for getting more visitors and backlinks
  • Plugin for Checking broken links

Latest SEO Techniques, Tools

  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google Hummingbird?
  • What is Google Panda?
  • Google Trends
  • Page Speed Insights
  • Google Alerts
  • Latest SEO Tools
  • Detect Duplicate Content

Google Adwords

  • AdWords basics
  • How AdWords works
  • Create ads and campaigns
  • Choose the right campaign settings
  • Choose your campaign type (Search Network, Display Network, Shopping, Video, Universal App)
  • Define your marketing goals
  • Select the geographic locations where you want your ad to show
  • Set your bid and budget
  • Choose your bid strategy
  • Ad extensions
  • Create effective ads
  • Creating your ad groups
  • How to Write an effective ad (Headline, Descriptions)
  • Choose the right keywords
  • Keywords (Broad Match, Phrase Match, Exact Match)
  • Negative keywords
  • Adwords Opportunities
  • How the payment threshold works
  • See a preview of your ad on Google Search
  • How your ads are ranked in search results
  • Tracking an ad (Clicks, Demographics, Keywords, Locations)
  • Payment Methods and Setting

Google AdSense

  • Get Started
  • Sign-up & approvals
  • Interface
  • Account Setting
  • User Management
  • Site Management
  • Privacy and Security
  • Manage Ads
  • How Ads Work
  • Payment Process
  • Payment Details and Verification
  • Tax Information
  • AdSense Optimization Overview
  • Search Engine Optimization Tips
  • User Experience Guild lines
  • AdSense Policy
  • Reporting
  • Performance Report
  • Using Google analytics with Adsense

Social Media Marketing

  • What is social media?
  • The Value of Social Media
  • Building and engaging a community
  • Social Media Metrics and ROI
  • Using StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Diigo, Delicious
  • YouTube & Vimeo for SEO
  • Brand impressions and offers using social media
  • Manage Workflow/Campaigns
  • Conversation & Content Strategy
  • How to get Facebook likes, Twitter followers, YouTube subscriber, Google+ followers and much more

Social Media Optimization

  • Build your reputation
  • Encourage more engagement, sharing & reciprocate
  • How to drive traffic to your website
  • RSS Feed
  • Social news
  • Bookmarking sites
  • Social media sites
  • Blogging sites
  • Video site

Email Marketing

  • Introduction to Email Marketing
  • Email Design and Functionality
  • Email List Building and Capture Page Design
  • Email Optimization and Testing
  • Email Deployment
  • Email blast
  • Check your open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates

Affiliate Marketing

  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing
  • Types of Affiliate
  • Join an affiliate program
  • Building a niche website
  • Drive targeted traffic to your website using SEO
  • Reports and tracking