Python Django Web Framework

Become a professional Django web application developer. Dive in deep to the core concepts behind the power Django framework written in Python.
Course Duration: 45 hours  |  Mode: Online  |  Timing: Flexible (Weekdays & Weekends)

What Will I Learn?

Create a fully functional web site using the Full-Stack with Django
Learn the power of Python to code out your web applications
Implement a full Models-Views-Templates structure for your site

How To Use Databases With Django
How to handle resources
Form validation
CRUD in Django Views (Create Retrieve Update Delete List)

Who Can Take This Course

Startups entrepreneurs
Business Professionals

Web Developers
small entrepreneurs
Working Professionals

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    Python Django Web Framework Course Description

    Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. Built by experienced developers, it takes care of much of the hassle of Web development, so you can focus on writing your app without needing to reinvent the wheel. It’s free and open source.

    Learn Django web framework with hands-on experience. Once you’ve finished the training, you will have a small working web application. We will guide you from beginning to end how to create real-world applications using the Django framework.

    Python Django Framework Course Curriculum

    • Environment Setup for Python Programming
    • Using the Python Interpreter
    • Create your first project
    • Data types
    • How to Take Inputs From User
    • How to Name a Variable: Naming rules
    • Operators
    • Modulus of Negative Number
    • Mutable and Immutable Objects
    • If Else Statement
    • Elif Ladder: Multiple conditions
    • Membership Operators
    • Combining Conditions: Logical Operators
    • Pass Statements
    • Strings Introduction
    • String Indexing
    • String Slicing
    • String Comparison
    • While Loop
    • Break and Continue
    • For loop
    • Else Block in Loop
    • Range Function
    • Looping Techniques
    • Function Introduction
    • Functions Example
    • Symbol Table
    • Function Help
    • Documentation Strings
    • Default Arguments
    • Arbitrary Arguments
    • Lambda Function
    • String Functions
    • List Functions
    • Measure Execution Time of Small Code
    • Shallow and Deep Copy
    • Set Introduction
    • Set Operations
    • Dictionaries
    • Module Introduction
    • How to Import a Module
    • Dir Function: Print Namespace
    • Built-in Modules: Math and Random
    • Package Introduction
    • How to Import a Package
    • External Package
    • Exception Handling: Introduction
    • How to Handle an Exception: try, except,
    • Exception Handling: Example
    • Exception Else Clause
    • How to Raise an Exception
    • File Handling: Reading and Writing
    • With
    • Writing on Files
    • Reading From Files
    • Tell and Seek Function
    • OS Module
    • Object Oriented Programming:
    • Class and Object
    • Class and Instance Example: 1
    • Class and Instance Example: 2
    • Class Properties
    • Types of Method
    • Instance Method
    • Class Method
    • Static Method
    • Inheritance
    • Single Inheritance and Method
    • Multi-Level Inheritance
    • Special Methods in Python
    • Special Methods Example
    • Database SQLite: Introduction
    • Create Database and Table
    • Insert Record
    • SQL Injection Attack
    • Insert Multiple Records
    • Fetch Record
    • Where Clause
    • Orderby
    • SQL Functions
    • Update Record
    • Delete Record
    • Introduction to HTML
    • HTML page structure
    • Heading and paragraph
    • Adding image to a web page
    • Tables in HTML
    • Links in HTML
    • Different types of lists
    • Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets
    • Type of CSS (External, Document-based, Inline)
    • Common properties
    • CSS Class
    • CSS ID
    • What is a Web framework and why it is important?
    • Available Python Framework
    • How Django Framework works.
    • How to create virtual environment
    • How to setup Django framework.
    • Requests and responses
    • Static files
    • Introduction to models
    • Field types
    • Indexes
    • Meta options
    • Model class
    • Making queries
    • QuerySet API reference
    • Instance methods
    • Related objects reference
    • Introduction to Migrations
    • How Django processes a request
    • URLconfs
    • Writing views
    • Django shortcut functions
    • View decorators
    • Built-in Views
    • Request and response objects
    • File uploads
    • Generating CSV
    • Generating PDF
    • Templates
    • Configuration
    • The Django template language
    • Variables
    • Filters
    • Tags
    • Template inheritance
    • Built-in tags and filters
    • Humanization
    • HTML forms
    • Forms in Django
    • Form fields
    • Widgets
    • Form rendering options
    • Using forms to validate data
    • Forms for models
    • Admin site
    • Admin actions
    • Settings Overview
    • Full list of settings
    • Applications Overview
    • django-admin and Overview
    • User objects
    • Creating users and superusers
    • Changing passwords
    • Authenticating users
    • Permissions and Authorization
    • Authentication in Web reque
    • Limiting access to logged-in users
    • The login_required decorator

    Course Features

    Flexible Timing

    A student can opt for any time. Our class timing is very flexible


    We provide support to help you even after the course is completed.

    Lab Facility

    Every student will get a laptop for practice. A student can practice even after the class is over.


    Regular assignment and test to check your knowledge.

    Placement Assistance

    We are associated with companies for the placements.


    After successful completion of the Digital Marketing course, you'll get a certificate.

    Study Material

    Study material in form of PDF and examples will be provided to the student.

    Real-Time Projects

    Real-time project work on the basis of the skill
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