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One could easily say In the beginning there was C language. No other language has had such a significant impact. C Language was created by Dennis Ritchie in Bell Labs, around 1972. C was the trigger for many seismic shifts in the computing industry. The language is terse and compact. C language strikes a rich balance between brevity and readability. Building the innards of an OS is an undertaking of gigantic proportions and requires the need to be able to manipulate the registers of the numerous input/output devices, the processors, and the memory. C was eminently suited for this the job. Also, the complex algorithms of OS for e.g. process scheduling, memory management, IO management, disk management could now be programmed simultaneously in a bottom-up fashion by working at the bit level and in a top-down fashion allowing for complex data structures and algorithms required for scheduling, memory and IO management.

At Jupiter Vidya, we focus more on practical. The student learns basics of C programming from the expert. We promise that after completing C programming course at Jupiter Vidya you will be able to face any kind of interview. We provide lessons that start from the very beginning of C programming. Jupiter Vidya is a Best institute for C language in Bangalore. In Bangalore, there are many institutes for C programming. If you are looking C institute near Varthur Bangalore, then you are at right place. Jupiter Vidya is a Best institute for C in Varthur Bangalore. We provide C training in Bangalore If you cannot come to our institute then in that case we provide Online training to the students.

Course description:

The course fully covers the basics of programming language and demonstrates fundamental programming techniques, customs and vocabulary including the most common library functions and the usage of the compiler.

We provide classroom & online training (Weekdays, Weekend, Fast Track) with placements.
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