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Why you should pursue a course on Angular Framework

As a web developer, you would have come across many JavaScript frameworks that have amazing features to improve code quality and maintainability. One of these frameworks, AngularJS, has been extensively used in dynamic web apps. Most developers today are relying on AngularJS for their projects due to its exceptional features. As a result, there are many institutes offering angular training in Bangalore. Take a look at some reasons why you should enroll in an AngularJS course.

Developed by Google

Though there have been frameworks that work absolutely fine, they have been built by hobbyists in the open-source community. AngularJS, on the other hand, was built by experienced Google engineers. What started as a part-time project to simplify web applications has made a great impact globally. So if you have issues when you work on applications using AngularJS, there are skilled experts who will be able to give you appropriate solutions to fix these issues.

Uses simple design architecture

In order to have more in-depth learning of web programming, it is recommended to learn the most popular frameworks which will make it easier for you to work with clients in the future. AngularJS uses improved design architecture and can effectively manage heavy web applications with complex components. Enrolling in an institute that provides angular training in Bangalore will help you understand how meticulously AngularJS works.

Uses MVC architecture

One of the most important features of Angular is that it uses MVC architecture for creating web applications. The process of implementing MVC in other frameworks is a bit complex. Instead of splitting the app, writing code, and then re-attaching the app again, Angular only splits the app and handles the rest effortlessly.

Easier to use

Angular JS requires writing fewer typescript codes, unlike most frameworks. With AngularJS, you won’t need to write the MVC pipeline, making it more time-efficient and simpler, and resulting in fewer or no bugs! If you want to become a professional web developer, learning this framework will help you create applications, even under 5 minutes! As a result of using the declarative style of programming for creating patterns, the codes used in Angular  are much more lightweight.

Codes can be reused

Writing codes and then rewriting them, later on, has become a hassle for most web developers. By learning Angular, you can reuse the codes you have used before, thereby saving a lot of time.

Allows you to extend your HTML vocabulary

HTML is the standard markup language which is used to create web applications and web pages. However, it can be used appropriately for static documents and is not of much help when you want to use it dynamically. That’s when Angular comes into the picture. Angular can be used to expand HTML’s syntax, thereby expressing the components of the application clearly and precisely. Institutes that provide angular training in Bangalore will teach you how you can effectively use AngularJS to enhance your HTML applications.

It uses POJO data models

Most frameworks use elaborate codes and ‘getter and setter’ functions. However, all data models used in Angular are POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object), which has the basic JavaScript functionalities. With the help of this function, you can add or change properties directly. When you enroll for angular training in Bangalore, you will have a better understanding of how you can get rid of complex coding.

Testing is more convenient

Angular Testing is much simpler when compared to other frameworks. Since the modules are separated in the Angular framework, you can load only those services which require testing.


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